Saturday, April 14, 2018

Smile, it`s free

Well this is not my exact type of article but I really wanted to make something like this. I`m having a blast in my life, I truly feel great and happy because of the different things that are happening and I am feeling more alive and a lot more happier than before. And all of those things made me think that the first and foremost reason of my sadness was me... I didn`t have any true reason to be sad, but I was... And the saddest part about it is that I didn`t even know. Even more, I was sure that I was happy, or at least content. But now looking to the past few years I`ve realised that I was sad. And probably the biggest reason for all of those things is because I didn`t know what was more important for me, and what was not that important.

I`ve always believed that you should give your all at everything you do, and that everyone can do anything. But now I am sure that there are things that I cannot do, but this doesn`t bring me any sadness or frustration. In fact it doesn`t affect me at all. I am answering with "so what?" I don`t really care. But if you made me do something even 6 months ago and I couldn`t, I would have felt frustrated because of it. My own pride kept the happiness away from me. It is so funny when you think about it. The only reason I was unhappy was because I was too proud of myself.

I really thought that my achievements are very important. Oh, I`ve finished college! Oh, I am going to go to a second college! Oh, I am so great and awesome! So what? What will all of this things give me... Because it`s not happiness. They fed my ego so much that I couldn`t be happy. Pride was my own flaw that, for a while, destroyed my happiness.

But now... What changed, why am I happy? I am happy because I`ve found the things that matter, at least in my life. I`ve found everything that I`ve ever wished and even more. Now I can say that I am happy with the life that I have. Even if the life it`s getting tough and everything changes I am pretty sure that I will be able to remain happy.

And I could have been happy quicker only if I would have thrown my pride away and do the things I want and love. Now I am starting to think that happiness is a choice.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Well this is a problem isn't it? This is probably the biggest issue of our century. More and more people become sick because they are stressing too much. It's unfortunate, but this is the truth.
If you ask almost anyone If they have are stressed, they are going to answer you "yes".

But why? Well, the reason is not hard to find. Because the reason of stress is the need we have for more, we want to have more money, we want to be more well known, our responsibility stresses us, even the thought of having to do something might create in our mind a certain type of this fatidical feeling, that makes us do even unthinkable things.

But if one wants to find why people are now more stressed than before, a quick look into the past is needed. In the past stress was not so strongly felt, due to people having various positions, work-wise, but now because of the fact that everyone wants to become more important it gets harder for us. In the past our grandfathers were content with their state, whichever was that. The people who stressed even then were the ones who had high positions in the state, like the king, and the nobles who were the closest to him. Or even if it wasn`t a monarchy the only ones who would have stressed would have been the people who were important. The people who were poor had in their heads only the worry of the next day.

You might have read Robinson Crusoe. In the first pages of this book you find the protagonist talking to his father, because he wanted to leave the house and go on the sea. His father told him that their position is the best, the one that the people who were born for higher things envy.

But the problem is the following, how can we stop wanting more when it`s in our human nature? Wishing is normal but the only thing that we can do is to be content with what we have. I know it sounds bad, being content for many means being lazy, but is not the same thing, being content means living the life at the maximum that you can, you want to get it better but you won`t sacrifice all that you love only to accomplish that. And don`t lie to yourself that you do it for your family or other people, because in the end you will be the one who will enjoy those things, but will you stop there?