Saturday, April 14, 2018

Smile, it`s free

Well this is not my exact type of article but I really wanted to make something like this. I`m having a blast in my life, I truly feel great and happy because of the different things that are happening and I am feeling more alive and a lot more happier than before. And all of those things made me think that the first and foremost reason of my sadness was me... I didn`t have any true reason to be sad, but I was... And the saddest part about it is that I didn`t even know. Even more, I was sure that I was happy, or at least content. But now looking to the past few years I`ve realised that I was sad. And probably the biggest reason for all of those things is because I didn`t know what was more important for me, and what was not that important.

I`ve always believed that you should give your all at everything you do, and that everyone can do anything. But now I am sure that there are things that I cannot do, but this doesn`t bring me any sadness or frustration. In fact it doesn`t affect me at all. I am answering with "so what?" I don`t really care. But if you made me do something even 6 months ago and I couldn`t, I would have felt frustrated because of it. My own pride kept the happiness away from me. It is so funny when you think about it. The only reason I was unhappy was because I was too proud of myself.

I really thought that my achievements are very important. Oh, I`ve finished college! Oh, I am going to go to a second college! Oh, I am so great and awesome! So what? What will all of this things give me... Because it`s not happiness. They fed my ego so much that I couldn`t be happy. Pride was my own flaw that, for a while, destroyed my happiness.

But now... What changed, why am I happy? I am happy because I`ve found the things that matter, at least in my life. I`ve found everything that I`ve ever wished and even more. Now I can say that I am happy with the life that I have. Even if the life it`s getting tough and everything changes I am pretty sure that I will be able to remain happy.

And I could have been happy quicker only if I would have thrown my pride away and do the things I want and love. Now I am starting to think that happiness is a choice.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Well this is a problem isn't it? This is probably the biggest issue of our century. More and more people become sick because they are stressing too much. It's unfortunate, but this is the truth.
If you ask almost anyone If they have are stressed, they are going to answer you "yes".

But why? Well, the reason is not hard to find. Because the reason of stress is the need we have for more, we want to have more money, we want to be more well known, our responsibility stresses us, even the thought of having to do something might create in our mind a certain type of this fatidical feeling, that makes us do even unthinkable things.

But if one wants to find why people are now more stressed than before, a quick look into the past is needed. In the past stress was not so strongly felt, due to people having various positions, work-wise, but now because of the fact that everyone wants to become more important it gets harder for us. In the past our grandfathers were content with their state, whichever was that. The people who stressed even then were the ones who had high positions in the state, like the king, and the nobles who were the closest to him. Or even if it wasn`t a monarchy the only ones who would have stressed would have been the people who were important. The people who were poor had in their heads only the worry of the next day.

You might have read Robinson Crusoe. In the first pages of this book you find the protagonist talking to his father, because he wanted to leave the house and go on the sea. His father told him that their position is the best, the one that the people who were born for higher things envy.

But the problem is the following, how can we stop wanting more when it`s in our human nature? Wishing is normal but the only thing that we can do is to be content with what we have. I know it sounds bad, being content for many means being lazy, but is not the same thing, being content means living the life at the maximum that you can, you want to get it better but you won`t sacrifice all that you love only to accomplish that. And don`t lie to yourself that you do it for your family or other people, because in the end you will be the one who will enjoy those things, but will you stop there?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Departure and see you soon

It is such an interesting feeling when you say "See you soon." to the person you love. It's sad but at the same time filled with hope and enthusiasm. It's sad because you don't want to leave. But it brings hope because you know you are going to see them in a short time. It's interesting... Why do we feel sad?

And why are we hopeful at the same time? How does this even work? Are we sad or are we in a state of transition? It's weird. Let's take every question and answer to them one by one.

Why do we feel sad? When we have this question we tend to say that the answer is easy. We are sad because we won't see that for a while. But what about the case where you leave only for a short time: a day, 12 hours etc? Are we overreacting?

Maybe... In some contexts I would say yes. But let's say no and see where does it lead.
It is a common expression to say that the person we love is our soul mate. Which is very beautiful.  This expression comes from Greek mythology and from the myth of the androgins. It is said that when Zeus after seeing that humans grow in strength and wisdom he decided to hit them with a lighting. After this the humans become man and woman. And every human has just a half of a soul, the other side being his destined one. It's romantic, and it actually explains why we are sad... But if we want to talk from a modern perspective some would say that saying goodbye even for a short time to the person you love takes you out of your safe zone. It might actually be true...

But why do we feel hope?

Here the answer is easy, because we dream of the beautiful moment when we will see them again, it's beautiful.

How does this even work? Now here it might look a little bit tricky. But actually it's not. When we are talking about feelings it's hard to make borders between them. Even if we separate them by their nature and by the area affecting your life, they are interconnected with one another which makes it very difficult to classify and understand alone.

So love naturally goes best with hope and happiness. But it goes very well with sadness too.
Honestly with a little bit of despair too. When you want to touch them but you can't it's a little bit depressing...

All in all, feelings are always a field of the unknown, they are anomalies that happen in our bodies, in our minds, but what would we be without them...

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Introduction and beginning

Hello, my name is Mirel, and I am starting this blog, because I want to express myself easier, I want to make a journal that people can read, so the themes are going to be very different, because I am a Theologian, but also a letters man, I love philosophy and psychology. So my interests are wide. 
I will most likely write about things that I find interesting, thoughts that I have. And I am going to try to write as often as possible. 
I am going to write also about theology, psychology, philosophy, books, history, things that happen in the present and what`s my opinion about them. Also I really want you to ask me whatever you want me to talk about. 
In this article I am going to talk about beginning, because I find it very interesting, how starting something has so much power in our life. It doesn`t matter if we are young or old, only the availability to try something differences us, whenever when we start doing something we are excited. We are very happy, and I wonder why? 
Maybe it`s because is something that makes us escape from the daily routine that makes us feel bored. Or maybe is just something that we think we are going to be great at it. Or maybe even that this time it will be different. I ask myself the same question... Why did I even start this blog... I don`t really know, maybe because I don`t have many people with whom I can talk some interesting ideas, maybe I am bored... maybe I think I can do much more... I honestly don`t know. But what I am sure is that I am excited, and that this excitement might contain the solution to find out why I started doing this. 
You might ask me, what is he talking about, well I talk about the addiction of this feeling. I am addicted to excitement, I don`t want my life to be a boring routine, even if it brings me great financial stability. I don`t want to trade my happiness for money. If I can make money by doing what I love it`s cool, but if not, I am not very sure I am going to make it. I don`t know maybe it`s just me, but loving and being love is more important... I don`t know.

So from my point of view there are these three big reasons why we start things:
1. Because we want to escape the daily routine.
2. Because we think that this time it will change our life.
3. And because we want to have that feeling of excitement.