Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Departure and see you soon

It is such an interesting feeling when you say "See you soon." to the person you love. It's sad but at the same time filled with hope and enthusiasm. It's sad because you don't want to leave. But it brings hope because you know you are going to see them in a short time. It's interesting... Why do we feel sad?

And why are we hopeful at the same time? How does this even work? Are we sad or are we in a state of transition? It's weird. Let's take every question and answer to them one by one.

Why do we feel sad? When we have this question we tend to say that the answer is easy. We are sad because we won't see that for a while. But what about the case where you leave only for a short time: a day, 12 hours etc? Are we overreacting?

Maybe... In some contexts I would say yes. But let's say no and see where does it lead.
It is a common expression to say that the person we love is our soul mate. Which is very beautiful.  This expression comes from Greek mythology and from the myth of the androgins. It is said that when Zeus after seeing that humans grow in strength and wisdom he decided to hit them with a lighting. After this the humans become man and woman. And every human has just a half of a soul, the other side being his destined one. It's romantic, and it actually explains why we are sad... But if we want to talk from a modern perspective some would say that saying goodbye even for a short time to the person you love takes you out of your safe zone. It might actually be true...

But why do we feel hope?

Here the answer is easy, because we dream of the beautiful moment when we will see them again, it's beautiful.

How does this even work? Now here it might look a little bit tricky. But actually it's not. When we are talking about feelings it's hard to make borders between them. Even if we separate them by their nature and by the area affecting your life, they are interconnected with one another which makes it very difficult to classify and understand alone.

So love naturally goes best with hope and happiness. But it goes very well with sadness too.
Honestly with a little bit of despair too. When you want to touch them but you can't it's a little bit depressing...

All in all, feelings are always a field of the unknown, they are anomalies that happen in our bodies, in our minds, but what would we be without them...

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