Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Introduction and beginning

Hello, my name is Mirel, and I am starting this blog, because I want to express myself easier, I want to make a journal that people can read, so the themes are going to be very different, because I am a Theologian, but also a letters man, I love philosophy and psychology. So my interests are wide. 
I will most likely write about things that I find interesting, thoughts that I have. And I am going to try to write as often as possible. 
I am going to write also about theology, psychology, philosophy, books, history, things that happen in the present and what`s my opinion about them. Also I really want you to ask me whatever you want me to talk about. 
In this article I am going to talk about beginning, because I find it very interesting, how starting something has so much power in our life. It doesn`t matter if we are young or old, only the availability to try something differences us, whenever when we start doing something we are excited. We are very happy, and I wonder why? 
Maybe it`s because is something that makes us escape from the daily routine that makes us feel bored. Or maybe is just something that we think we are going to be great at it. Or maybe even that this time it will be different. I ask myself the same question... Why did I even start this blog... I don`t really know, maybe because I don`t have many people with whom I can talk some interesting ideas, maybe I am bored... maybe I think I can do much more... I honestly don`t know. But what I am sure is that I am excited, and that this excitement might contain the solution to find out why I started doing this. 
You might ask me, what is he talking about, well I talk about the addiction of this feeling. I am addicted to excitement, I don`t want my life to be a boring routine, even if it brings me great financial stability. I don`t want to trade my happiness for money. If I can make money by doing what I love it`s cool, but if not, I am not very sure I am going to make it. I don`t know maybe it`s just me, but loving and being love is more important... I don`t know.

So from my point of view there are these three big reasons why we start things:
1. Because we want to escape the daily routine.
2. Because we think that this time it will change our life.
3. And because we want to have that feeling of excitement.

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  1. Very interesting blog with interesting questions. Unfortunately, I am unable to answer most of them. However, I am looking toward your next article. Cheers!