Saturday, April 14, 2018

Smile, it`s free

Well this is not my exact type of article but I really wanted to make something like this. I`m having a blast in my life, I truly feel great and happy because of the different things that are happening and I am feeling more alive and a lot more happier than before. And all of those things made me think that the first and foremost reason of my sadness was me... I didn`t have any true reason to be sad, but I was... And the saddest part about it is that I didn`t even know. Even more, I was sure that I was happy, or at least content. But now looking to the past few years I`ve realised that I was sad. And probably the biggest reason for all of those things is because I didn`t know what was more important for me, and what was not that important.

I`ve always believed that you should give your all at everything you do, and that everyone can do anything. But now I am sure that there are things that I cannot do, but this doesn`t bring me any sadness or frustration. In fact it doesn`t affect me at all. I am answering with "so what?" I don`t really care. But if you made me do something even 6 months ago and I couldn`t, I would have felt frustrated because of it. My own pride kept the happiness away from me. It is so funny when you think about it. The only reason I was unhappy was because I was too proud of myself.

I really thought that my achievements are very important. Oh, I`ve finished college! Oh, I am going to go to a second college! Oh, I am so great and awesome! So what? What will all of this things give me... Because it`s not happiness. They fed my ego so much that I couldn`t be happy. Pride was my own flaw that, for a while, destroyed my happiness.

But now... What changed, why am I happy? I am happy because I`ve found the things that matter, at least in my life. I`ve found everything that I`ve ever wished and even more. Now I can say that I am happy with the life that I have. Even if the life it`s getting tough and everything changes I am pretty sure that I will be able to remain happy.

And I could have been happy quicker only if I would have thrown my pride away and do the things I want and love. Now I am starting to think that happiness is a choice.

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